Institute for Artificial Eyes and Epitheses

Welcome to the Institute for Artificial Eyes and Epitheses Ferdinand a. Förster.

Our institute has been providing patients with customized prosthetic eyes made of glass or synthetic material since 1947, covering an area from the Saarland to the Pfalz and into the Black Forest.

There are various reasons for having a prosthetic eye. Congenital eye diseases, such as anophthalmia, microphthalmia or phthisis bulbi may usually be the cause. Yet malignant tumours (e.g. uveal melanoma, retinoblastoma), eye injuries, traumas or accidents may also mean that an artificial eye has to be fitted.

Our performances

Our experienced ocularists are experts in all areas of prosthetic eyes, both in treating the eye socket after enucleation or evisceration and covering the bulb of an eye that has lost its sight.

In all issues concerning maxillo-facial treatment we have a close partnership with the Schilling Institute whose headquarters is in Neubrunn near Würzburg. Patients who need a epithesis can be treated in our Homburg branch by Sven Führ from the Schilling Institute.

Our Branches

Alongside our main institute in Saarbrücken, we regularly provide services to our patients in our two fully equipped permanent branches in Ludwigshafen (since 1953) and Homburg/Saar (since 1978).

If you are registered under the Government health insurance scheme, you will already have been handed a prescription for the treatment with us in the clinic. If a conformer was fitted, you will receive an additional second prescription about this. Please be aware that the health insurance scheme asks for an additional contribution of 10 euros per artificial eye unless you have a relevant exemption certificate (if necessary, ask your health insurance scheme). Prosthetic eyes paid for by the orthopaedic supply centres and social security offices are subject to authorization.

All our institutes meet the current requirements of the health insurances schemes and are recognised by the prequalification body for resources as an official service provider for medical resources.

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